Consultancy and advice on international trade, import and export operation

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We take into account all the operation aspects, as on importing or exporting, placing ourselves as links between the parties to provide security and reliability to our customers as of:

  • Consulting and advice on international trade.
  • Product placement based on an intense Market Research.
  • Research on suppliers as of quality, goods price, conduct and persistency during the operation.
  • Coordination of national and international logistics.
  • Goods freight to the customs warehouse, products verification, control and entry.
  • We have at our disposal the infrastructure and logistics for the goods distribution, picking and control.
  • Banking, opening lines of credits, collection procedures, transfers, etc.
  • Customs consulting and advice: offices, permits, etc.
  • National licenses and authorizations.
  • Intervention on organizations: ANMAT, SENASA, IASCAV, etc.
  • Entry on relevant registry office.
  • Advice and organization of fairs and exhibitions.
  • Advisory service and consultancy.Development of own brands.


  • Fruits.
  • Vegetables.
  • Food.
  • Beverages.
  • Cleaning Products.
  • Personal Care.
  • Other.
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